Four Loko Confirmed They Will Start Selling Hard Seltzer

Back in August, Four Loko started an internet frenzy over a mock-up photo of their very own hard seltzer. They posted a photo of a can that boasted 14% ABV and captioned it, “The hardest seltzer in the universe.” People on the internet freaked out, but many were skeptical about if this was a joke or something that would really be available for purchase. Well, I'm here with the good news...or bad news, depending on how you look at it. The Four Loko seltzer is real.

Four Loko's original September post showed a sour blue raspberry flavor, but the best part of the original announcement was hands down the shade. The caption literally @s every competitor in the market. It read, “@whiteclaw @truly @naturallightbeer @smirnoffus @bonandvivspikedseltzer @pabstblueribbon @pressseltzer @henryshardsparkling @wildbasinboozywater.” Insta-game strong. Four Loko went on to comment, “Hard seltzers ran so we could fly.”

The announcement that this new Four Loko is legit was also a little petty. In the photo, the Four Loko is smack in the middle, but if you look closely the crushed cans surrounding it look like other seltzer brands we all already know and love. Although out of focus, a White Claw, Truly, and Natty Light can all be seen crumbled up in background.

The actual Four Loko hard seltzer is not as "hard" as the first photo had showed, nor is it that questionable sour raspberry flavor. The cans for sale will be 12% ABV, which is still quite impressive compared to other brands on the market. For context, most other seltzers are about 5% ABV. The Four Loko seltzer will be black cherry flavored—a fan favorite that White Claw and Truly have pretty much perfected.

There is a locator feature on Four Loko's website, meant to help people find a store near them to purchase the drinks. Many Twitter users said they have been having trouble getting this feature to work, so it's still unclear when and where exactly you'll be able to buy these extra hard seltzers.

Spiked seltzer is really having a moment. There was a White Claw shortage for a hot sec back in September. Truly recently reformulated their seltzers to make them more flavorful. And now Four Loko is giving us this 12% ABV behemoth. IDK about you, but I can't wait to try it for myself.

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