The Best Airport Food Is In Denver

There has definitely been a huge improvement in airport food in the last few years. Gone are the days of having to rely only on chips and nuts for nourishment while waiting for a delayed flight. Many airports have gone full gourmet when it comes to their food options. just surveyed 75,000 airport restaurant reviews from the 20 busiest airports and determined where you can find the best airport food.

Here are the top 20 airport for food:

1. Denver

2. Phoenix

3. Atlanta

4. Philadelphia

5. Houston

6. Dallas/Fort Worth

7. Chicago

8. San Francisco

9. Miami

10. Boston

11. Minneapolis

12. Detroit

13. Seattle

14. Orlando

15. Charlotte

16. Los Angeles

17. Las Vegas

18. New York (LaGuardia)

19. New York (John F. Kennedy International)

20. Newark

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