Grandparents Send Pics of Every In-N-Out Burger They Ordered to Granddaughter

Eighteen-year-old Heather Daniels of Orange, California, has routinely received a pic of her 75-year-old grandpa feasting at an In-N-Out burger EVERY WEEK. Daniels says, "It brightens my day. Then I’ll send a photo back of me in class and say something like, ‘I’m in my government class right now. Be jealous.’”

This running joke actually first started as a way for Heather's grandparents to keep in touch with her uncle when he moved away to Seattle. To show him what he was missing out on, they would send him a picture of Heather's grandpa eating an In-N-Out burger. Heather's grandma said, “I wrote, ‘75 degrees and In-N-Out,’ and he texted back, ‘Torture, this is just torture,’” she said."

When Heather found out about the conversation, she thought it was too funny not to join in on. Her grandparents then added her to the text conversation. Heather says, “Grandpa always gets the number two meal on the menu: ‘Animal Style,’” Daniels said, referring to the California-based chain’s option of a hamburger with extra spread and mustard grilled into the meat patty. “And my grandmother just gets a hamburger and they split the fries.” 

The now family tradition has been continuing for over two years now, so Heather thought it would be fun to make a collage of all the photos ever sent. Of course when she posted it to social media, the post went absolutely viral!

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