10 Things People Lost At Coachella

1) Their Cell Phones
The most basic of losses. We have to wonder how many phones end up in the lost and found at the end of the weekend... or just straight smashed up from people stomping on them.

2) Their Self Control
With all these guest performers popping up every year it's hard to keep your composure... we understand. #sorrynotsorry

3) Their Voice
Let's face it, Coachella is basically a three day karaoke sesh. Sing your heart out all you want. But don't be surprised when you can't deliver that presentation on Monday morning.

4) Their Clothing
From shoes to pasties, the desert and those crowded spaces have no mercy on clothing. One wrong move and you could be walking around naked all night.

5) They Lost Their Hair
No one's hair is safe. You hold on tight to that wig!

6) They Lost Themselves
Coachella is a big place. Make sure you come prepared with a festival map (available in paper and digital form) or you'll get lost like the people below.

7) They Lost Financial Stability
The desert is a hot, hot place. That means people are wearing a lot less clothing. Less clothes means small pockets or even worse no pockets. Whether your putting cash in your bra or in your back pockets it's easy to misplace when you're going hard in the Sahara tent.

8) They Lost Sound
It happens even the best bands in the world. Like Radiohead you just keep playing until the sound guy figures it out. 

9) Their Parents
Coachella is for everyone... including parents. Do yours like to get wild? Then it's probably in your best interest to put them on one of those kiddie leashes.

10) Their Festival Wristband
Probably the most heartbreaking of losses. Can you even get a replacement? Beats us. Just make sure to strap that thing on tight.

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