There's A Secret Star Wars Bar In Hollywood

Themed pop-up bars and restaurants are all the rage right now. Just last week a Tim Burton themed bar, Beetle House LA, opened its doors. Last year, a Will Ferrell-themed bar called Stay Classy had a 10 day run in Hollywood.

But did you know that a Star Wars themed bar has existed for a few months now in Hollywood?

It's called Scum & Villainy Cantina. The bar was designed to look like the cantina from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, where Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan first meet Han Solo.

The bar has been open since April, but it was recently announced that they're extending their run until the end of June. It's all ages and wearing a costume is encouraged!

There are still plenty of reservations available for next month. They're open Thursday through Sunday each week. Each reservation is a two-hour experience that costs $50 - this includes two drink tokens, a souvenir glass and a challenge coin (which can be used for half priced cash entry if you decide to come back as a walk-in). You can reserve a spot directly on their website.

You can also visit as a walk-in. Keep an eye on there Facebook page for daily info about walk-in availability.

While you're there you can enjoy their open seating which helps guests to mingle, meet other Star Wars fanatics and, of course, take photos to show you were actually there on social media.

Enjoy food from their bar menu of tacos, quesadillas, tater-tots, chips and queso. Plus, there's a menu of glowing specialty drinks like Wretched Blue Milk, The Chosen One and A Bad Feeling About This... or you can opt for something from their beer list.

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