5 Ways To Beat The Heat At Arroyo Seco Weekend

Arroyo Seco Weekend is finally here and it will be HOT. With temperatures reaching the high 80’s to mid-90’s, it’s important to stay cool and comfortable. Here are a few fun ways to do just that.

1) Ice Cream
What better way to stay cool than to eat this delicious snack! Don’t worry, your personal trainer will understand. After all, it is literally for your health and well-being — because you won’t die of heatstroke! And think of all the Instagram pics you can take!

Glastonbury Festival 2017

2)The Beer Can Hat
Hydration is key in hot weather. Nothing will get you out of the festival and into the hospital faster than dehydration. The ever-so-trendy beer can hat is a must for any festival goer (If they allow it on festival grounds). For a more hydrating experience, replace the beer with some water— or don’t. (Beer is more fun anyway).

3) Spray Bottle Fan 
There is nothing more attractive than a man (or woman) carrying a spray bottle with a fan attached. You’ll be the life of the festival with one of these babies, and you’ll obviously make tons of new friends. 

4) The Umbrella Hat
Possibly the most stylish of sun protecting hats, it gives you all the protection of a normal umbrella without the hassle of actually carrying one. Not to mention, the rainbow design will definitely fit right in with all the colors of the other festival goer’s outfits. 

2017 Hangout Music Festival - Day 3

In all seriousness, it’s extremely important to manage your body temperature while enjoying the festival. Wear lots of sunscreen, stay hydrated, and wear a hat and you’ll be just fine. Enjoy!

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