Harms Final Conversation With Chester Bennington

In February, prior to the release of their new album, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park stopped by the station to talk about the bands new music. 

I had spoken to Chester many times throughout the years.   He was always remarkably generous with his time and candid with his words.   It was never a cookie cutter conversation.  Never guarded.  His openness was always appreciated, his energy was infectious and his charisma was undeniable. 

Needless to say - news of his suicide today was a complete shock.

His troubles - though well documented - were never obvious or apparent during the times I spent with him.  Though, as you'll hear during portions of this conversation - he was very open about the fact that they did exist - and it was something that he dealt with every day. 

This clip from our conversation particularly struck me today

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