Best Music Discovery EVER...This Week! Kyd the Band - "American Dreamer"

Nashville is called Music City, U.S.A. for a reason: it’s something of a mecca for aspiring artists of all shapes, sizes and genres. And, behind the scenes, two talented brothers have been writing and producing music in the city’s studios since 2014, making a name for themselves as reliably innovative collaborators. Their names are Kyle and Devin Guisande, otherwise known as Kyd the Band, and they’ve worked with acts as varied as Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Gorgon City, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Avedon.  Most recently, they supported emerging Hip Hop star, NF, on the entirety of his Therapy Session Tour.

Now, Kyd the Band is ready to step into the spotlight, and show the world its own remarkably unique brand of alternative music.

Both multi-instrumentalists, Kyle and Devin grew up playing in church, and eventually moved to Nashville with dreams of making music full-time.

“We shared a bedroom but didn't have beds,” describes Devin. “We slept on the floor for the first two years. I worked as an assistant to a real estate agent here in town and Kyle worked at a Game Stop. We'd work during the day and then come home and write our music at night. We didn't really have any connections in the music industry so we'd scour the Internet for potential managers, producers and other industry insiders.”

After several meetings that never panned out, the Guisande brothers kept writing, while teaching themselves production and engineering. Then, after writing and producing songs for a comeback Bone Thugs N’ Harmony album, they got a publishing deal to produce their own music as Kyd the Band. Subsequently, Devin said “so long” to the real estate agent and Kyle ceremoniously resigned from Game Stop.

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