Introducing Our August Artist in Residence: Lo Moon

An ambitious indie band who aim to blend the depth and artistic elements of important album artists like Talk Talk, Radiohead and Sigur Ros with the accessibility of mainstream acts like Coldplay, there’s restraint, intimacy, precision and grandeur to all they do. Lo Moon have created a potent sonic identity with rich artistic vision. Their lead single Loveless is an undeniable, epic visionary record.

Matt Lowell: Lead Vox, Guitar, Keys 
Hailing from Long Island, Matt attended Berklee school of music where he studied composition. After graduating began working extensively as a touring singer/songwriter before a stint as a studio assistant in NYC. He started making music as Lo Moon with fellow Berklee alumni, Andrew Bayer of Above & Beyond. Matt relocated to Los Angeles 18 months ago with a mission to find band members to crystalize Lo Moon from studio to live act.

Crisanta Baker: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Backing Vox 
From Denver Colorado, half Phillipino, she grew up in a household surrounded by music and learnt guitar, piano & singing from a young age. She's an elite classical grade pianist and a fine artist specializing in photo realistic painting. Previously playing in an all girl punk band called ‘Surf Riot’, she moved to Los Angeles after touring on the Warped circuit and since meeting Matt has been a vital part of the sonic blueprint and overall artistic direction of the band.

Sam Stewart: Guitar
Sam is a multi-instrumentalist and principle guitarist in Lo Moon. Born in London, he was immersed in music from a young age citing Blur and Radiohead as early influences. Sam is the son of Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Siobhan Fahey (Shakespeare's Sister and Bananarama). Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2010, Sam formed the band 'Nightmare & The Cat' with his brother Django and has played as a session/touring musician with a number of other bands .Upon meeting Matt in 2015, they instantly formed a close musical connection, sharing musical passions.

Get social with Lo Moon here: website. + facebook. twitter. + instagram.

Check out visuals for Lo Moon's "This Is It" below!

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