Wonder What OJ's Doing Now That He's Out of Jail?

The OJ Simpson saga has always been fascinating - and interest in the former football star's life was re-ignited last year after two incredibly well received on screen events that re-visited the story.  (American Crime Story on FX - and an amazing ESPN documentary called "Made in America"

Earlier this year - OJ was released from prison after serving 9 years for armed robbery

Vanity Fair recently profiled on what he's doing now

After serving nine years for armed robbery, O.J. Simpson is out on parole, living in borrowed luxury, and swamped with selfie-seeking fans and business proposals. Yet he’s also a fugitive—from Fred Goldman, who’s still determined to make Simpson pay, literally, for the 1994 killing of his son, Ron. Mark Seal chronicles this latest chapter in the increasingly surreal O.J. saga.

Read the rest here

AND - for the love of Pete - watch this if you haven't already

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