A Tequila Shortage is Expected to Happen Very Soon

A world without margaritas is a world I do not want to think about. 

Unfortunately for us, a massive tequila shortage is in store to happen very soon. The plant that is used to create Tequila, agave, takes 7 to 8 years to mature and back in 2011, there was approximately 17.7 million agave plants planted. This may seem like a lot, but 42 million plants are actually needed to successfully supply the registered tequila companies of the world, making it impossible for the 17.7 million plants to suffice. 

This shortage is expected to last until 2021 so prices of tequila are expected to raise during this time. Your best bet is to either stock up, cut back, or find a new drink all together. 

Are you a huge tequila fan? Would you rather stock up or find an alternative?  

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