10 Ways To Treat Yourself If You're Single on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be rough if you're single. But... how about instead of being sad that you're not coupled up, you go out and have some fun? Check out our list of 10 things you can do without a significant other on Valentine's Day.

1. Throw an anti-Valentine's Day party.

Invite all your single friends over and have a party! Maybe go for a stupid cupid theme or hang up some black heart decorations. Anything to counteract the sentimental feel of Valentine's Day.


Go on a big shopping spree! Buy that item of clothing you've been eyeing — you deserve it.

3. Go to the gym.

Two words: revenge body. By February 14, a huge majority of the population has given up on their new year's resolution to get fit. Take this time to focus on your overall health.

4. Do some binge-watching on Netflix.

There's nothing more satisfying than finishing an entire season of Stranger Things in one day... trust us.

5. Hang out with a family member.

If you haven't seen your brother or sister in a while, give them a call and see what they're up to. Who knows, maybe they're looking for plans too!

6. Surround yourself with friends.

It's impossible to be sad when you're surrounded by your besties. Gather up all your closest friends and treat it like any normal day!

7. Take yourself out for ice cream.

Any bad mood can be fixed with ice cream. Pile on the sprinkles and chocolate syrup and you're good to go!

8. Have a spa day.

Go get a massage or a facial to relieve any stress. A mani/pedi is calling your name! Or if you want to keep this pamper day cheaper, run to your local drugstore and grab a $3 sheet mask and some cucumbers to place on your eyes.

9. Go see a matinee movie on your own.

Matinee movie tickets are always cheaper! If you save money on the ticket, you can splurge on the Icee and popcorn.

10. Remember... it's FUN to be single!

Nobody is holding you back or influencing your decisions. It's all about you! Take this time to reflect on what you enjoy about being single.

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