Get to Know ALT Summer Camp Artist ODESZA!

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ODESZA is one of the biggest acts in the electronic music genre and they are playing at our ALT 98.7 Summer Camp 2018!

We're throwing down with the duo on August 12 at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, CA. Let's make sure you know all about the group before the show...

1. The guys met their freshman year of college.

Band members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight were not even in the same major at Western Washington University, but they became friends immediately as freshmen. Believe it or not, Mills was studying graphic design and Knight was a physics and mathematics student. Who would've known that they'd end up in music?

It was not until the end of their senior year in 2012 that they began working on music together, and thus, the magic that is ODESZA was born.

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2. Their song "Corners of the Earth" was the Winter Olympics Anthem.

It was revealed in a commercial this January that ODESZA's "Corners of the Earth" was the official anthem for the 2018 Winter Olympics. This was huge for the group considering the Olympics are a worldwide event and gave them a massive amount of exposure.

3. They put on a live show like no other.

When ODESZA performed at Coachella this April, they flew hundreds of drones above the crowd and moved them into different designs. They even migrated the drones together to make their band's iconic symbol!

In addition to this, their set had crazy visuals onstage, lights, special guests, a drum line, brass section and more. We can't wait to see what sort of insane performance they put on for us in August!

4. They were just having fun at first.

While we're sure ODESZA is still having a ton of fun onstage today, the guys admitted that they really thought making music was just going to be something they did for fun during their last three months of college.

"We always expected to get real jobs, like 'oh next month we’ll get a real job!' We just reached that point where it actually seemed like a viable career option for us which was very cool," said the bandmates.

We can not wait to see ODESZA perform live ALT 98.7 Summer Camp 2018 in Long Beach on August 12! The event also features Death Cab for Cutie, CHVRCHES, Judah & The Lion and more.

Make sure to grab your tickets to the event HERE — on sale now!


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