Get to Know Summer Camp Artist: Judah And The Lion

Judah And The Lion

Nashville-formed band, Judah and the Lion are hitting the ALT 98.7 Summer Camp stage this weekend! The group will be putting on an amazing show (as always) at the Queen Mary in Long Beach on August 12th. Brush up on your knowledge of the band before joining us for a an epic performance on Sunday...

The Group Formed in College

Getting to the start of it all is how the three guys met; like many bands, the guys in Judah and the Lion met in college. Nate, Brian, and Judah all went to Belmont University in Nashville and studied music in one form or another. It was when Judah started asking around wanting to record with a banjo player that he met Nate by mutual friends. After playing together the first time, Nate reached out to Brian and the rest is history!

Folk Hop n' Roll is a Nod to the Groups Differing Music Tastes

With an album named Folk Hop n' Roll, it should come as no surprise that the members of this group draw inspiration from many different types of music. Growing up in different parts of the country, influences on band members were bound to be different as a person's background and general life are very different in places like Colorado versus Massachusetts.

Other music acts such as Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers were big influences on Judah and the Lion, though there are pieces of Folk, Hip Hop, and Rock n' Roll that you will definitely hear on their album!

Judah was a Baseball Jock

Judah Akers, the lead vocalist for Judah and the Lion, was not only passionate about music throughout his life but also spent a lot of time and energy dedicated to baseball. When the group first formed, Brian and Nate knew that Judah was on the baseball team at Belmont University. This made them very curious to see how they would all fit together. Luck for us, the three all fit together wonderfully, creating some very unique and inspiring music.

"Suit and Jacket" was inspired by Judah's grandfather and close friend

When listening to "Suit and Jacket," you may notice that the lyrics in the song are essentially a call to action, highlighting the fact that life is short. This is due to the fact that around the time before the group began writing, Judah's grandfather and close friend passed away, making him reflect on his life and how he was living it.

Essentially, this song is encouraging all listeners to live their best life and be active rather than passive because you never know what the future holds!

Listen to the interview here.

The 3 Lines on the Guys Hands Have a Special Meaning

The members of Judah and the Lion included "the Lion" aspect of their name based on their faith which also plays a role in the 3 lines that you may have noticed on their hands! These 3 lines were initially put on Judah's hands as a reminder of the Trinity and the group's shared faith. 

As time went on, it also grew to represent the bond between the 3 band members themselves and the unity they have.  

Join us at ALT 98.7 Summer Camp on August 12th at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach. Tickets are on sale now and start at just $47.50. Buy your tickets here now!

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