Get to Know Summer Camp Artist: AJR

Taking the stage this year at our ALT 98.7 Summer Camp festival on August 12th is AJR! Make sure to take a look at these cool facts about the group and gain some more familiarity so you can jam even harder with us in Long Beach at the Queen Mary. 

The Guys Are Brothers and Used Their Initials to Create Their Band Name!

If their social media handles weren't a dead giveaway (@ajrbrothers), the 3 of the guys in AJR are, in fact, all brothers! Adam Met, Jack Met, and Ryan Met took the first letters of their first names to create what we know as AJR! The way the letters are crafted in the groups logo might also be a nod to the closeness of the group due to the fact that they're siblings.

The Guys Came Across the Artist Who Did "The Click" Album Art Due to Their Love for the Show The Office

The members of AJR are all big fans of The Office, so naturally they came across an amazing artist who was working on an illustration of all the characters. The guys in AJR all found the illustration to be incredible, so they simply asked the artist if he was interested in creating their album art! 

They Got Their Start Busking in the Streets of New York

For a long time before singles like "Weak," "Sober Up," and "I'm Ready" were well known and popular across the nation, AJR spent their time performing in various locations around the city of New York. The money  they gained from those who stopped to listen was used to purchase instruments for recording and their overall 

All of Their Music is Written and Produced in Their Living Room

When first starting out, it's obviously very difficult to afford a full studio to write and record music. So, writing music and recording on your own in your living room or bedroom is very common. However, after becoming very successful, the members of AJR still prefer to write and record all of their music in their living room! Check out the video below where Ryan explains how "Burn Down the House" was made (in their living room).

Jack's Hat Isn't the Only Special Item of Clothing He Has

If you've seen 3 pictures of the members of AJR, there is a good chance that Jack is wearing his famous furry hat in at least 2 of them! A very young fan of AJR had even taken notice and decided to wear his own matching hat when meeting Jack at a show.

However, as a couple photos from AJR's tour were being posted, people noticed a couple of photos where Jack was wearing the same pair of striped shorts. He then took to Instagram to humorously address that he "only has one pair of shorts."

If you haven't snagged your tickets yet to ALT 98.7 Summer Camp in Long Beach on August 12th, get them HERE! The festival is just around the corner and will be an energy-filled day with performances from the incredible AJR, as well as artists like Death Cab for Cutie, ODESZA, Judah & the Lion, and more! 

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