Superorganism Showcases Unique Vibe At ALT Summer Camp

It's been a whirlwind year for Superorganism, who opened up ALT 98.7 Summer Camp 2018 on Sunday.

The group, composed of eight members from five countries, has been traveling all over the globe as of late. They were in Sweden just two days before arriving in Long Beach for Sunday's event, with stops in Sweden and Chicago before that.

For Superorganism, it's all a part of realizing their musical dreams, something they discussed with Harms backstage before the performance.

"It's definitely a dream, and then you live it and it's a little bit different from that dream," said Seoul, one of the band's vocalists. "It changes. Now it's reality, but it's not too different from that dream."

As far as the changes go, the greatest one involves finding a balance between busy tour schedules and the production process.

"One of the bad things, to be honest, as much as touring is great and playing shows is awesome, is that we're really into production and making records," Synth player Emily said. "Because we are on the road the whole time, it's hard to do what we used to do when we had day jobs. There's been a balance of trying to figure it out, but it's definitely a dream come true. It's incredible." 

Superorganism opened the festival with a rendition of "It's All Good", a song that captures the group's unique and eccentric vibe perfectly. They followed this up with "Nobody Cares", complete with the music video in the background. Other hits performed included "The Prawn Song", "Everybody Wants To Be Famous" and "Something For Your Mind", all of which had the crowd grooving.

Check out some of the highlights from the performance below!

ALT 98.7 Summer Camp took place at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, California and featured performances from Death Cab For CutieODESZA, CHVRCHES, Judah & The Lion, AJR, Sir Sly, Jungle, Lovelytheband and Superorganism. For more from Summer Camp click here.

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