What Cities Have the Most Stolen Amazon Packages?

Getting your Amazon packages stolen is a real thing.  It happens every day - all over the world - and now a company called Shorr Packaging has crunched the numbers to find out where it happens most often 

The Top 5 Cities where this happens the most:

  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Minneapolis
  • Boston
  • Portland

Here's more of what they found

In addition to our binary analysis of Google searches and population, we checked our results against the FBI’s national crime statistics, and in particular, city-based larceny-theft rates in each of the 50 cities we studied. We found many cities with high larceny-theft rates also showed high search prevalence for “Amazon package stolen.” Those include San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. A handful of other cities showed low rates of both larceny-theft and search, including El Paso, Detroit, Mesa and Virginia Beach.

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