Game of Thrones Premieres Breaks HBO Records

This isn't a huge surprise - but it's still impressive

Last night's Game of Thrones premiere was the most watched episode in the show's history - with 17.4 million people tuning in. It was also HBO's biggest streaming night ever.

From CNN:

The previous record for the show was the season seven finale, which nabbed 16.9 million viewers in August 2017. Viewership for Sunday's premiere was upmore than a million viewers from the season seven premiere in 2017.

If you're like me - and you love the show - but get a little lost with all the details (especially after waiting over a year for these final episodes) - check this out

It's a 50 minute recap of the whole series and completely catches you up on everything

Like - "Oh yeah, that's what the golden army is"

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