Matt Healy (The 1975) Speaks About the Ethical Dilemma of Playing Coachella

Earlier today Matt Healy from The 1975 stopped by the Alt 98.7 sound studio for an intimate performance & interview - and WOW it was amazing.

It started with a solo/acoustic 3 song performance - which included an INCREDIBLE previously unreleased song which will blow your mind (that's coming soon). Then went into a very open, honest and heartfelt conversation about Coachella and why he liked being there and why he didn't like being there

While acknowledging what an incredible platform Coachella is for a band, he also wasn't shy about bringing up the moral dilemma of playing. He was referring to the controversy surrounding Philip Anschutz, the owner of Coachella's parent company AEG

The Daily Beast explains it better than I can:

A few years ago,The Washington Post revealed that the often-problematic festival’s issues went way beyond appropriative accessories. A 2016 report on America’s “enemies of equality” is often cited as blowing the lid off Coachella and its founder, Philip Anschutz, the owner of entertainment conglomerate AEG. The Freedom for All Americans campaign reported that Anschutz, one of the richest people in America with a net worth of $12.9 billion, gave large sums of money to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Christian Foundation, and the Family Research Council. According to the Post, the National Christian Foundation “funds a lot of the groups aggressively working to chip away at the equal rights of LGBT Americans.”

Here's what Healy had to say about all of it

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