Does This Painting from 1860 Show a Woman Holding an iPhone?

It's not an iPhone

As much as the time-travel conspiracy theorist inside of me wants to come up with elaborate stories of how this is a thing. It's not an iPhone

That said, it is an interesting look at how modern society can change how we view art from different times. This painting hasn't changed in over 150 years, but the way that we look at it sure has. Conjur up the Pearl Jam lyric "I change by not changing at all"

From Vice:

In “The Expected One,” the woman’s body language certainly makes it appear as if she’s looking at a phone, to the degree you can imagine her being labeled just another“distracted walker”exhibiting signs of so-called“text neck”if she were walking down the street in 2017. And as a particularly time travel-obsessed acquaintance of mine recently pointed out to me after I showed them the original (undoctored) version of the painting, the woman’s face seems lit up from below as if washed in screen glow.

Here's another painting with the same sorta thing going on

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