Thieves Take Toys From Pomona Gym That Works With Special-Needs Kids

Katie Haines is the owner of We Rock the Spectrum, a play gym for kids of all ages and all needs.

"It was incredibly devastating because it was Mother's Day and I am a mom," she said.

Haines said her gym caters to all children, including those with special needs. She said it's more than a gym, it's a home.

Haines said the suspects stole about $3,000 worth of merchandise, including costumes and toys, and a computer and printer from the front counter.

They only opened in September, but their clients come from all over the area to play in the sensory-safe zone.

Kayla Hall, 14, is the karaoke manager and is angry because her sanctuary was damaged.

Kayla and the rest of her friends are now hoping someone will recognize the thieves in the video.

"I don't know how someone could do this to a family business," Haines said. "We are a small business and with our small business, we cater to a lot of families."

We Rock the Spectrum—Pomona is a specialized sensory gym for kids of all ages and abilities. Opening this gym has been a dream come true for us and we still can’t believe it. It was inspired by our son Xavier who is on the autism spectrum. We wanted to create an inclusive space where kids like him and all kids of all abilities can play together with purpose. ❤️ Many of the families here have become a second family for us and we are so encouraged by the community we have here. Families supporting families. Because we all know it takes, a village. To our We Rock family, we are asking for your support. On Mother’s Day, around 5am, our gym was burglarized by 2 masked men. They broke the glass door and left about $3000 in damages and stolen merchandise. We are so heartbroken but we are resilient. This is a second home for many of our We Rock families. And this gym wouldn’t be possible without the support our families, our amazing friends and local partnering businesses and to all loyal followers like you who have helped us get the word out about our sensory gym for all kids! Thank you for your continued support! Please donate, like, share our story and help get us #ROCKIN again We Rockers!

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