Amazon is Selling a "Guest House" You Can Build Yourself in 8 Hours

At this point - why even buy a real house?

I wanna buy a plot of land in Malibu and set up a couple of these.

Amazon is selling a "build it yourself" guest home that you can put in your back yard. If you have someone that can help you out - it takes about 8 hours to build.

From Marie Claire:

At a mere 172 square feet, the tiny space is compact enough to actually fit but still has enough room to be useful, whether it's used for storage or for pure fun. In the description, the plans say that this tiny structure can be built in way less than a day—in eight hours, to be exact—when two adults team up for the job.

f you want to add anything extra like HVAC or electricity to this DIY home, you'll need to do that yourself—it doesn't include any of those amenities. Other than that, feel free to paint the wooden structure and decorate as you wish—the tiny house is yours to customize!

Here's the link to buy

Also....sorta reminds me of this

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