F-Bombs On Kids T-Shirts? Could This Be The New Trend?

"I literally did not know how to react so I just took a few moments to stare at it and try to process," Williamson said.

"Of all the things they could have added, why that? On a children’s-size shirt?" she asked.

(Note: Frog and Toad have become a meme, with "fuck the police" being one of the more popular photoshops that originated on Reddit.)

She said she FaceTimed her husband about it and they "just screamed together."

"We both just lost it, dying of laughter. All he could say was 'Oh shit,'" she added.

Williamson said Salem, of course, has no idea what the saying means, and she really likes her new Frog and Toad T-shirt. But Salem's mom could not help butshare it on Facebookwith her friends and family. Her post has since gone viral.

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