Pregnant McDonald's Worker Got McSlapped For Getting Order Wrong

Police charged 21-year-old Shannelle Hanson with breach of peace and third-degree assault on a pregnant person at Norwichtown McDonald’s in Norwich, Conn., according to the Smoking Gun.

Hanson had ordered a McChicken sandwich at about 7:45pm, but became belligerent when the meal was handed to her at the drive-through window by the manager, who was 29 weeks pregnant.

Hanson claimed the sandwich was unacceptable, as it was supposed to come with lettuce and mayonnaise but had nothing on it. She reportedly demanded a refund.

The manager obliged, but the Hanson then insisted on a new sandwich. When the mom-to-be told her the refund was granted in lieu of food, the irrational woman stormed into the McDonald’s, got behind the counter, and insisted she would make the sandwich herself.

She also raised her hand to the manager, who told police Hanson “got into my face and slapped me.”

That’s when her McDonald’s coworkers intervened, attempting to separate the women and making sure Hanson knew their manager was pregnant. One male employee even took a punch to the face while trying to break up the fight.

Instead of calming down, though, Hanson became vicious with her words, according to theNew York Daily News.

“After we were separated, she told me she had bail money and didn’t care I was pregnant,” the manager told police. “She hoped I lost my child.”

Thankfully, the manager sustained no injuries besides a few broken nails. Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to representatives from McDonald’s to see if any charges will be filed.

Hanson was released from custody on a $5,000 bond, according to The Day, and is due to appear in Norwich Superior Court on June 13.

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