Here Are The Best Cities to Live in California

Chamber of Commerce just posted their list of the best cities to live in California -

Here's what they had to say

Considering its large area, varied landscape, and huge GDP which would make it the fifth largest in the world if it were its own country, California is practically a nation unto itself. The Golden State is the nation’s most populous, while many others dream of someday making a home in its borders.

With all of the great California communities, it’s hard to say which ones ought to top a list of the best cities to live in, but the following ones truly distinguish themselves as extremely comfortable communities. 


The top 5 were:

  1. Santa Clara
  2. Aliso Viejo (Orange County)
  3. Santa Barbara
  4. Lompoc
  5. South Lake Tahoe

The entire Top 100 can be found here at Chamber of Commerce

(that said...I'm not sure I trust any list that puts West Sacramento (59) ahead of Palm Springs (62)

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