The Seinfeld Experience is Coming This Fall

If you are a Seinfeld fan - this is obviously a must see

Tickets are available here

Good News - It's open 7 days a week through February

Bad News - It's in New York

From COS:

However, unlike the show about nothing, this attraction certainly has something. Fans will be able to shuffle through interactive exhibits featuring costumes, memorabilia, set re-creations, and props from the show. Naturally, they’ll also be able to purchase exclusive, limited-edition merchandise that should prompt your friends to come over with boxed wine and turkey.

“Because I am Seinfeld, for a long time I was the only person to actually have the Seinfeld experience,”Jerry Seinfeldadded in a very Jerry Seinfeld way. “Now, these crazy Superfly people are going to make it so lots of people can interact with our silly ’90s TV show. All I can say is, in the general context of the world we live in, this now seems completely normal.”

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