California Teenager is Campaigning for Costco to Bring Back Polish Dogs

A California teenager has made it his mission to get Costco to bring back their Polish Dogs

From ABC News:

The face and brains behind the campaign are 16-year-old Izagani Aquino, a Junior Vice President at San Marin High School in Novato.

"I love them with all my heart. They're really tasty," Aquino, wearing a "Polish Dogs 2020" shirt, explained when asked why he launched the campaign. "They used to be at Costco."

Aquino posted a tongue-in-cheekcampaign video on YouTubein which he describes his advocacy for Polish dogs as an issue "very near and dear to my heart." He describes the $1.50 Polish dogs, which Costco took off the menu last year, as "a hallmark of American Society" and a "true symbol of our great nation."

Hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnutt has lended his support (sort of) - saying: "I think more than one encased meat on the menu would be a good thing."

Thanks Joey

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