'Flight from hell': Brits filmed throwing up on plane to festival


"Drunken men were filmed on the Ryanair flight from hell with up to 70 festivalgoers who ignored the crew, shouted and vomited in the aisles. Aneta Zukow, 24, and boyfriend, Piotr Nesan, 32, were flying from Manchester to Zadar in Croatia with dozens of holidaymakers heading to Hard Island festival. The tourists wreaked havoc on the three-and-a half-hour flight which was delayed because cabin crew struggled to control the passengers even before take-off. The passengers can be seen in video footage shouting and chanting at each other on the flight, forcing stewards to call police to meet them at the airport. One young reveller vomited over himself and the aisle as his friend held a bag - while others looked on grinning. Later he could be seen passed out in his seat. "


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