The Double Watermelon Keg

In New York City, it's virtually impossible to find the peace and quiet you'd find, let's say, poolside in the tropics. The Beach at Dream Downtown is an escape from the big concrete jungle, complete with lounge chairs, cabanas, and a Miami-esque vibe. The bar/lounge is serving two new drinks this summer: the Coco Colada and Double Watermelon Keg. One is rum, one is tequila, and both can serve your entire crew.

The Double Watermelon Keg is like college, only a little classier. Two whole watermelons are stacked and filled with a boozy mixture of tequila, habanero syrup, lime juice, and watermelon. It's like pouring yourself a spicy watermelon margarita straight from tap.

The Coco Colada is more than just a cocktail—it's a work of art. The coconut is actually made of a chocolate husk and coconut mousse filling, so you can actually eat the entire thing. It's filled with a blue slushy that has three different kinds of rum, piña colada mix, and coconut purée. One sip and you're immediately transported to a sunny island somewhere off the coast of Florida.

Each drink is available for $200 and serves six to eight people.

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