Bull Balls For Breakfast, Count Me In!

Not many people are ballsy enough to try food out of their comfort zone, and the percentages get even lower when actual balls are involved.

In the conversation of s*it that absolutely does not need to exist, chef Josh Scherer of the Good Mythical Morning YouTube channel, created a bull testicle breakfast burrito.

Through Good Mythical Morning, Scherer is hosting a series called "Food Fears," where he takes foods that are usually less than appealing, and finds a way to make them edible.

Hence the existence of this burrito.

Within the burrito, Scherer handcrafted applewood testicle bacon, testicle chorizo scrambled eggs, and a layer of potatoes, all wrapped with a traditional flour tortilla. As a little oomph to the burrito, Scherer created a cheese blanket to wrap around the whole thing.

Comedian and GMM writer, Jordan Morris, was the special guest who had to not only scarf down this testicle filled vessel, but at the start of the episode, had the honor of trying an unprepared (but still fully cooked) bull testicle for proper comparison.

If you have hookups at your local butcher shop and can get your hands on some balls, you probably want to check out Josh Scherer's recipe. And even if you don't have a testicle connect, it's still a solid recipe that can easily be replicated without the animal private parts.

Check out the episode for yourself, and the other gory episodes featuring Penis Pesto Pizza and even a Nashville Hot Brains sandwich.

Yeah, it's that kind of party.

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