K. Flay Turns Up the Crowd at ALT Summer Camp

K.Flay wants to see a change in the world - a theme recurring in her latest album, Solutions. Her knockout performance at Alt 98.7 Summer Camp was a compilation of new and old music feeding the crowd with positive vibes.

"I'm looking around the world right now and I'm seeing so many problems and I know human history is defined by them, so this isn't necessarily a new phenomenon," K.Flay said during an interview with Paper. "For many of us at this moment, it feels very oppressive. I kept coming back to the word 'relief,' and how much I was craving relief."

During her performance, one could feel the vulnerability pouring out which Flay has described as being a crutch for a woman wishing to earn respect. When reflecting on her last album K.Flay acknowledged that the change from then to now was necessary.

“The last record, everything that was happening in my life - it felt like problems.”

She continued by saying “this new record is called solutions for that very reason.

“I worked hard this last year and a half to really pivot towards something that was going to make my mind and my body and my life sort of better in certain ways.”

Check out K.Flays music video for her latest song below.

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