Arizona Iced Tea is Getting Into the Cannabis Business

The company that owns Arizona Iced Tea's announced today that they are getting into the weed business

Cannabis infused products are coming sooner rather than later

From Thrillist:

In a twist that would have shocked your tweenage iced tea-guzzling self, the brand behind the ubiquitous 99-cent cans of iced tea and other various juices are teaming up with a cannabis company in an effort to enter the marijuana-laced product market, according to a new report byThe Wall Street Journal. Though the deal is in its early stages and it's unclear what products will ultimately be developed, officials told theWSJthat Arizona will likely start with vape pens and gummies, and eventually branch out into teas, lemonade, soda, coffee, and possibly seltzer. 

Here's hoping it goes better than when they got into the shoe business

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