Here's a Peek at "Ghostbusters" Maze at Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal will feature a few new mazes this year

One based on the recent Jordan Peele movie "Us"

and one based on the "Ghostbusters" franchise

From LAist (which has a ton of great photos as well)

This maze marks a rare entry from Halloween Horror Nights into the world of comedy horror, showing that mazes can be more than just adapting slasher films.

They want to satisfy all those fan service cravings, which means a maze filled with little details from not justGhostbusters, butGhosbusters 2, the2016Ghostbusters, and even ideas taken from the video games.

You start outside the trademark firehouse the spectral hunters call home. You'll seeLouis Tully, the character made famous by Rick Moranis (and his glasses). He'll be in his possessed mode,searching for the Keymaster.

BONUS: If you tell Louis the right password, he'll think you're the Keymaster and hand you a special surprise — and if you tell him the wrong password, you'll get a much more negative reaction. You can find the password viathe Halloween Horror Nights Twitter account.

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