Disneyland Steppin' Up Their Drinking Game With A Hard Apple Cider Float

I have to say, I've always been a fan of the Disney parks. I've never needed a reason to go besides the fact that Disney is, well, Disney. But now, with Disneyland's 2019 Halloween menu available, their new Spiked Hard Apple Cider Float will be reason enough to get you to the parks.

The official Disney Parks Blog stated late last week that this divine drink from the Disney gods—which is available now, BTW!—is made with "hard apple cider and apple sorbet drizzled with caramel sauce." So basically, it tastes like you're prancing around an apple orchard on a gorgeous fall day, enjoying life and all it has to offer, all while sipping on some hard cider. And enjoying a lil cup of sweet, sweet apple sorbet. Yeah. That is what I'm getting from those ingredients.

The fact that it's made of hard apple cider (rather than some apple-flavored liquor) means it's probably not THAT strong either. And you know what that means—you should treat yourself to more than one or two. We won't judge.

In fact, I say we road trip down out to Disney now, considering it's only available for a limited time (that time being through November 1, of course!). What do you say? It'll be a magical and very lightly-yet-pleasantly-booze-filled bash. See you there!

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