Costco Apple Pie Spring Rolls Are Filled With Cinnamon, I Know You Want It!

While you're doubling down on your PSL consumption, I've turned my attention to a different (read: better) fall favorite— Apple Pie. But not the boring 'ol classic. Costco is selling a cinnamon-sugar filled spring roll variant that is so much better.

Costco Buys, an Instagram account that is solely dedicated to showcasing "how amazing Costco is," shared the news to social media Sunday. "I just spotted these absolutely amazing looking [Sum-m!] Apple Pie Rolls at my Costco," the caption read. "I think these are just the perfect fall treat!"

The spring rolls—which, btw, come with a killer caramel dipping sauce—are filled with a cinnamon-sugar apple mix, baked in "light and crispy wrappers," and only take 16 minutes to whip up. The dream.

The 16-roll boxes are available at Costco for $10 and have already created quite the stir among customers. "This may rival the apple pie roses," one IG user wrote. "Omg, we need these for our Thanksgiving!" another added. One customer, who reviewed the product online, wrote, "Just a word to say that we find your Spring Rolls are the best we have ever eaten. They are delicious. Yesterday we drove [62 miles] to Costco in Trois Rivières to buy more."

Because I've (mentally, at least) moved past summer, so has my diet. And so, you betcha, that means I'm on-board for Costco bringing back its 4-pound pumpkin pie before we've even hit October, too. I'm ready for Thanksgiving. Sue me.

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