Please Don't Remake "The Princess Bride"

Don't do it.

After info popped up that a "Princess Bride" remake was being talked about - original cast members and fans begged the studio not to do it

From the AV Club:

The only concrete hint that such a project is being considered comesfrom a single line in a recentVarietyprofile of executive producer/former Meathead employer Norman Lear, in which Sony Pictures head Tony Vinciquerra referred to “Very famous people whose names I won’t use” that want “to redoThe Princess Bride.” That discretion was probably a smart call, because even this merest whiff of Peter Falk-profaning blasphemy has set the “Bow to the queen of putrescence!” crowd well and truly off.

Here are some of the responses to the Variety article:

The original is just too good to mess with

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