You Can Dress Up as a White Claw Can For Halloween This Year, Life Is Good.

White Claw has undoubtably become one of the most popular drinks this year thanks to it's refreshing taste, different flavors, and low calorie count. So why not lean into the old saying "You are what you e̶a̶t̶ drink" and dress up as one for Halloween? Not only is this White Claw Halloween Costume Dress ($45) pretty genius, but the supersoft and stretchy dress sounds so comfortable. It also comes in multiple flavors, so you can choose your favorite one. Just style it with your favorite pair of heels or sneakers, and you'll be ready to rock the party. It's worth noting that the Etsy shop is currently on hold due to so many orders, but contact them for updates or check back in order to buy your dress. Cheers!


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