Arby's Going To Area 51 And Bringing An Entire Menu Of 'Declassified' Eats

A few months ago, some internet jokester created a viral "Storm Area 51" event on Facebook, and because everyone is desperate for cultural relevance, brands started capitalizing on the whole schtick. Including Arby's, who just launched an entire alien-themed menu.

In July, the chain promised to feed anyone storming the grounds, and while we didn't think they were serious, they apparently were. They are legit setting up camp at the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nevada, on Saturday, September 21 with their "Roadside Meathouse" food truck.

The "declassified menu" will feature a "Redacted on Rye" sandwich with marble rye bread, Swiss cheese, tangy slaw, and thousand island dressing; the E.T. Slider with crispy chicken and Bronco Berry Sauce; Arby's Frying Objects, which is an insane loaded curly fry situation with savory "moon rocks;" and last but certainly not least, the Galaxy Shake. The latter is described as a "purple cow meets Sour Patch Kid" and is a blue milkshake base that turns pink (and gets tarter) as you drink. It's topped with whipped cream and some "fruit crunch" for good measure.


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