Applebee’s Selling A $1 Drink This Month That Comes With A Built-In Costume

It is somehow October (???) which means that it's time to get spooky, pick pumpkins, and unveil the identity of yet another one of Applebee's monthly $1 drinks. In honor of the scariest month of all, October's drink is called a Vampire, and it's terrifying how good it sounds.

OK, so the Vampire isn't exactly a common drink—in fact, it seems to be exclusive to Applebee's. But once you read the ingredient list, it'll start to sound familiar to you, I think. It's made up of a mix of rum, strawberry, dragon fruit, passion fruit, and a dash of pineapple, so essentially, it's like a tropical rum drink. It may seem more like something you'd drink on the beach rather than something you'd drink before apple picking but hey, it's still hot out for a lot of us, so maybe it's appropriate!

Though it may not exactly taste like "fall" to you, it certainly looks like a Halloween drink. It's bright purple (everyone knows Halloween colors are orange, black, and purple for some reason) and comes topped with a cherry as well as a pair of vampire fangs. I can see me now, three Vampires deep doing my best Dracula impression at the bar. Everyone loves it, I promise.

As always, this drink is just $1 at participating Applebee's, and it will be gone by the end of the month. So don't wait until Halloween to try one unless you want it to be the last time you ever get to! Truly the scariest thing of all: regret!

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