A Lisa Frank Apartment AND It's Stocked With All The Best '90s Snacks!

Lisa Frank fans, if your 10-year-old-self could dream up her ideal bedroom, Hotels.com's Lisa Frank Flat would most definitely be it. The travel website brought to life the most over-the-top, rainbow and animal print-patterned suite and stocked it with all the toys, food, and swag your little gel pen-loving heart could ever want. And starting October 11, you'll be able to book a night there.

The Los Angeles penthouse Hotels.com took over is inside the Barsala Flats in Downtown LA. For the month of October—stays are available from October 11 through the 27—it's decorated in every shade of the rainbow. The bedroom/living room space has a massive rainbow window display covered in rainbow curtains, the kitchen cabinets are each their own shade and pattern, and there's an LED rainbow shower. Are you ready for it?!

Since this is a '90s-themed room, there are of course ALL the snacks you begged your mom to buy you in elementary school: Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Planters Cheez Balls, Gushers, Rain-Blo gum balls, Pop-Tarts, and more. Best of all, all the snacks are complimentary. And since you won't need to cook, the kitchen cabinets are instead stocked with plenty of Lisa Frank stuffed animals. It's basically the childhood version of Carrie Bradshaw's shoe-stuffed oven.

Throughout the room, there are plenty of other nods to Lisa, big and small: Lisa Frank trapper keepers and pencils are on the desk while Hotels.com x Lisa Frank sleepwear is in the closet. If you're not decked out in a robe, slipper, and eye mask, were you even there? There's also a rainbow heart rug, a furry pink armchair, and the coolest underwater wallpaper in the bathroom—dolphins included.

If you, like me, can't contain your excitement, set an alarm for Friday, October 11. That's the day bookings open (the room costs $199/night) on Hotels.com!

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