"Baby Raves" Are Really Happening (and are pretty awesome)

This is a great idea

People will instantly write it off because the name "Baby Rave" is dumb

But an under 4 dance party - with real music - and real fun - is pretty great

From the LA TImes

Anything goes a tBaby Rave, the Bay Area’s wildly popular daytime dance party for children under 4. Although it’s never advertised, the monthly soiree sells out in minutes. Now in its third year, the ballis older than most of its tiny dancers.

“I had no idea what I was walking into,” said Oakland native Edward Hazzard III, akaDJ E.T., who has hosted Baby Rave for the Bay Area Children’s Theatre since it launched in 2016. “My first few years of deejaying was always for adults. There was an occasional middle school dance, because my wife was a middle school teacher, a few proms here and there — but never for babies.”

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