IHOP Opened A Tiny House Of Pancakes That Is Serving Up Free Dinner

If you pay any attention to food news (and you must—you're here, hello!) you'll probably know IHOP has been...how can I say this?...in rare form for about a year now. First, it rebranded to IHOB (International House Of Burgers) and then rebranded back to IHOP. Then the chain launched its own beer! Now, it has pulled yet another stunt that makes me have to ask: IHOP, you good?

IHOP announced Wednesday that it was opening the world’s tiniest IHOP restaurant in a literal tiny home. The home is a collaboration between the chain and A&E’s "Tiny House Nation" and essentially, it looks like a tiny, cozy cabin.

The tiny restaurant clocks in at 170 square feet and features such things like a secret compartment of maple syrup and extra supplies stored away under the table. It looks mostly like a regular IHOP only very, very tiny.

In order to make a reservation, you have to be part of MyHOP, the chain's email club program. If you register for it by October 20, you'll receive an email prompting you to make a reservation through Yelp for some time between December 12 through December 15. Reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and dinner is free once you get there.

This tiny IHOP is in Los Angeles, but even if you're not located there, you could still be able to get in on the fun. IHOP is also running a sweepstakes where you can win a two-night, three-day trip to Los Angeles to attend a meal at the tiny IHOP. What more could a pancake lover need?

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