Kellogg's 'All Together' Box Comes Combines 6 Cereals

I'll admit that I initially clicked on this article because I just thought 6 cereal's in one box would be delicious. It's my favorite when one cereal box runs out - and I fill the other half of my bowl with the first part of another box. This is that x6.

Then, when I found out about the message behind the box - I liked it 1000x more.

From Thrillist:

The major food company isteaming up with GLAAD for its new "All Together Cereal" -- a limited-edition box that promotesinclusivityand anti-bullying efforts. 

The special cereal, which debuted October 17 in honor of Spirit Day, features six of the brand's most iconic mascots. Basically, you can get all five of your fave cereals (plus, Raisin Bran) in one box. Way more cost effective than my DIY hack, aka buying separate boxes and mixing them together. This isn't just a marketing stunt, either -- the company is donating $50,000 to GLAAD in support of its LGBTQ advocacy efforts. 

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