Is "Nightmare Before Christmas" a Halloween or Christmas Movie?

Tis the season for 'The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Or is that December?

Composer Danny Elfman has answered the question (at least for himself) on whether or not the iconic film is a "Halloween" movie or a "Christmas" movie

From USA Today

“It’s obviously about Christmas, but for me, it’s a Halloween movie. Growing up, Halloween was my favourite night of the year and Christmas was a troublesome time. Into my adult years, it was a time where a bit of a dark cloud would follow me around – probably carrying over from my childhood until I had my own kids – and then I developed a new, brighter view of Christmas.

“I also felt very close to Jack Skellington’s plight because I knew what it was like to be the king of my own little world, and to want out of that world and want something else. So I felt very close to the holiday of Halloween, but also very close to Jack and what he was going through.”

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