These Dr. Pepper Baked Beans Have Very Mixed Reviews

Baked beans are a perfect side for any barbecue or cookout. With Labor Day weekend right around the corner, there's a good chance you've been enlisted to either A.) cook something for said BBQ, B.) buy something pre-made, or C.) bring beverages.

If you fall into category B or C, and you want to be clever, you can combine the two with Dr. Pepper Baked Beans. (But definitely bring a beverage, too). Serious Bean Co, the company that makes the beans, call these "sweet and a bit sassy." According to the description on Walmart's website, "The 23 original flavors of Dr Pepper give this batch its name and its amazing flavor."

It turns out, though, that some people are more keen on that Dr. Pepper-baked bean combo than others. Instagram foodie @thejunkfoodaisle recently posted a photo of the beans, and also another variety, Buckin' Buffalo Beans.

One Instagram user commented on the photo and said, "They tasted overwhelming like Dr. Pepper. My family didn't care for them!!" Another wrote, "Taste like Dr Pepper soaked beans ... not sure what I was expecting lol. Its just an odd flavor for beans." One person said they taste like Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers lip balm, which is just — ew.

Others were intrigued and eager to try them. "I mean people put DP on ribs. Seems like a natural progression," one person wrote. Another user tagged a friend, and said, "probably delish!", which is definitely our favorite adjective (not to be biased, or anything).

Others have posted their own Dr. Pepper Baked beans 'grams, calling them a "great combination" with a "tiny kick to them." Someone noted that the beans complimented grilled burgers perfectly.

Walmart, among other stores, sells the Dr. Pepper Baked Beans. You can find the closest store using Serious Bean Co's website. The beans are listed as "out of stock" on Walmart's website, which would lead one to believe that they're flyyyyyying off the shelves, right?

Some of the reviews on Walmart though, (there's only six), don't quite fit that theory. One in particular ROASTS the beans (even though the label clearly says they're baked ... OK, sorry). This review gave the beans 1 out of 5 stars and begins with, "By far the worst baked beans I've ever had in my life". The reviewer continues: "Put a spoonful in my mouth with dinner ... legitimately lost my appetite. Stopped eating ... I'm a 250 pound man. I'll eat almost anything. But tonight my trash can ate the beans." Mic drop.

The next review, though, is five stars, calling the beans "delicious." So there you have it, my friends. You're just going to have to try the Dr. Pepper Baked Beans for yourself to put this bean debate to rest.

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