The Disney+ Version of Star Wars Has (Another) Different Greedo Scene

Bad news for hardcore Star Wars fans - Greedo still shoots first in the Disney+ version of Star Wars - he just does so while yelling Maclunkey!!!!

From COS:

In the original 1977 version of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, it’s pretty clear that the roguish Solo (Harrison Ford) shoots first. There are multiple cuts to Han’s blaster under the table (Chekhov’s gun, much?), you only hear one shot being fired, and Han has the cheeky final line before Greedo drops dead. However, inGeorge Lucas’ ill-conceived 1997 special edition re-edit, Greedo fires first, missing at point-blank range before Solo retaliates.

Now, Disney+ has added an extra second of footage: a close-up on Greedo as he says, “Maclunkey!” Apparently, Lucas signed off on the change prior to Lucasfilm begin acquired by Disney in 2012 (viaEW).

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