ALT 98.7 New Music Discovery: Sub Urban “Cradles”

Danny Maisonneuve, professionally known as Sub Urban, is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter and record producer. Born in Nyack, New York to a Taiwanese mom and a French-Canadian dad, and raised in the suburbs of Ridgewood, New Jersey nearly all of his life, Danny began producing music digitally at the age of 15. He learned to sing shortly after his early development as a producer. He was trained in classical piano from the age of 6, quitting after claiming he was sick of playing other people’s compositions and wanted to write his own. For most of his adolescence, Danny practically lived on the Internet, video games being one of his main outlets to make friends. By the fall of 2016, Danny had dropped out of high school to make music, never having completed his sophomore year. He began building a portfolio of demos, honing his skills over the next two years. One of the first songs to come out of those two years of self-isolation was “Cradles” and it took the world by storm with the help of TikTok. Before long, “Cradles” had racked up tens of millions of views and the song was streaming 350,000 times a day. Today, it’s the second most TikTok’ed song of all time on the platform with the count clocking in at over a billion. While Sub Urban’s methods are radically new, and his sound’s far enough ahead of the curve that it’s hard to slot into a particular genre–it’s pop, it’s alternative, it’s more than a little electronic, it’s not exactly any of them. The complexities of digital life gave Sub Urban his voice; now he’s returning the favor.

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