A Museum Dedicated To Just Hangovers

Having ahangoveris like getting handed an excruciating party favor you didn’t ask for. And, given how sucky hangovers are, most people want to do everything in their power to forget their hangovers ever existed—except for some people in Croatia.

A few enterprising folks there got together and decided to create a museum dedicated to hangovers. This isn’t a joke: There’s a website for it and everything.

Rino Dubokovic told CNN that he dreamed up the idea while he was out boozing it up with his buddies and swapping hangover stories. Dubokovic said he realized that it could be fun to make "some sort of collection where all these objects from drunk stories would be exposed together with their stories." So, the Museum of Hangovers was born. The place actually looks pretty cool, if their Instagram account is any indication.

If you happen to find yourself in Croatia and stumble on over to the museum, you can check out a range of exhibits, like one that shows off random things people came home with after a night of partying, and another where you can try on “beer goggles.”

And if you want to take some of that experience home with you, you can grab a "Drunkopoly" game in the gift shop, or nab some Hangover Wine, because why not?

The museum is even crowdsourcing stories from outsiders. If you visit their website, you can (anonymously) share your best morning after story with them and it could end up in their official collection. Now that’s something worth bragging about.

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