Family Finds Owl Hiding In Christmas Tree

A family in Atlanta, Georgia got a huge surprise when they found an owl perched on a branch of their Christmas tree.

The situation began when one of the kids heard a noise coming from the tree.

The child thought it was one of the owl ornaments.

Ironically, the tree had a few of those. When the mother looked to see where the noise came from, the owl turned its head and looked at her.

Initially, the family thought the bird may have flown in to take up residence in the tree.

The owl was frail so it is now thought that it was in the tree when it was sold to the family. 

A call was made to an environmental center to ask what to do. An employee came to the house to treat and feed the malnourished owl.

Once the bird was caught, the family was told to release the bird at night.

Would you maintain your composure if you found an unwanted animal in your home? 

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