Billie Eilish Launches Sustainable Merch Line With H&M

Billie Eilishnever stops thinking about the environment – it plays a role in the decision-making process for everything she does in her fast-rising career.

The latest example is the launch of her new clothing line with H&M. Not only does the apparel feature her signature green and preference for oversized attire, the merchandise is sustainably sourced.

The collection includes long t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirt dresses, sweatpants, socks and a belt bag.

“We’re super excited about this merch collection drop,” H&M’s Emily Bjorkheim said. “Billie Eilishis obviously an inspiring artist but also someone a lot of people around the world admire for her personal style and empowering way of expressing her values. We want to enable her fans to step into her world and feel empowered to freely express their style as well.”

Eilish is also thinking about sustainability when she’s on the road. In anew interviewwith RADIO.COM, the 18-year-old talked about how she was making her sold outWhere Do We Gotour as green as possible.

“We don’t allow plastic straws; we try not to have any plastic bottles at all,” she said. “We have reusable water bottles at the merch stand, and then (we have) fans bring reusable water bottles, and recycling bins everywhere, and vegan catering and carbon offsets for flying because that’s just one thing I can’t not do – and it sucks because it’s so bad for the environment. So I’m just trying to do anything I can to give something in return.”

Eilish has even offered fans who do their part a chance to earn free tickets to shows. She partnered with Global Citizen for the effort and has her own page on the environmental group's site.

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